About the Author

L Z Dáin

Both, L. Z. Dáin™ and the works made available under this name were born from the present need to cast a light on the journey we human beings are traveling on this Earth. Our sciences and religions, our studies on history, our philosophies and our art, and our educational systems, regardless of their advances, do little to illuminate the path through Time and Space that we started traveling in a distant past and that will take us to a distant future. We human beings have arrived at a moment in our history when we are ready to face that journey and add the weight of our will power, of our creative capacities and of our love to make it joyful, easier, more productive, and closer to the intended goal — instead of all the pain, suffering, and trial and error we have endured until now.

Most of the works penned by L. Z. Dáin™, though not all, are in the form of storytelling in the genre of Science Fiction — more specifically, in the sub-genre of Visionary Science Fiction. There is a reason for this choice:

Storytelling bridges in us the sub-conscious with the supra-conscious, and in so doing it ‘speaks’ to the innermost self in each of us, eliciting realization and understanding at the conscious level.

Visionary Science Fiction was chosen because in Science Fiction, even though this genre pushes the present-day boundaries of our understanding and of our sciences towards greater horizons, most times the imagined future of scientific and technological advances, and of social and environmental changes, is nothing more than a transplant into that imagined future of our present psychological and social situation on Earth, and of the challenges we face today. Visionary Science Fiction seeks to avoid that. In storytelling of this nature, not just the scientific and technological advances are pushed to greater and positive horizons, but the natural world and human beings themselves — their psychology, their understanding of themselves, and their development and lives — are also envisioned in greater heights than those achieved so far.

The central principle in Visionary Science Fiction is:

The Universe in its entirety, and we all with it, is advancing or evolving along a path of an ever-growing perfection, and the future cannot be less than the present but better, brighter and more.
* * *

The name L. Z. Dáin™ is a pen name chosen to express the guiding principle in the works of storytelling that constitute the story universe so created — the Aïdin Horizon™ Story Universe — and in other works of visionary philosophy.

The letters L and Z were chosen from the expression “Limitless HoriZon” so that the two would sound harmoniously with each other.
The word dáin is a grammatical form of the word dán, which is an Old Gaelic term with various meanings that have evolved through time. It is usually translated as bard.

Thus, the loose expression that inspired the name L. Z. Dáin is: Storyteller of Greater Horizons!

* * *

About the word Aïdin:

Central to the stories in the Aïdin Horizon™ Story Universe is the idea that the ‘voice’ is the most remarkable power to create we human beings have and that the capacity to sing is the greatest expression of that power. It was then early in the writings, in spring of the year 2012, that the word “aïdin” came to the inspiration of L. Z. Dáin™ to describe the idea of “song-made” creations, specifically of a song-made planet. The term ‘aïdin’ later served to inspire other words and terms used in the stories, and no present-day language from Earth was used as a source. Thus, any similarity with words from modern languages is a coincidence.