Nine-hundred thousand years ago, three women and four men from Galactic Humanity discover on planet Earth a mysterious Time singularity at the center of an unconventional library — a complex of gardens with light-made spirals where records and information are stored. Why is this place on Earth? Who built it? The Time singularity is an enigma… it appears to be both technology of an advanced civilization and an expression of art to inspire the soul. But the singularity is broadcasting a Call, and the seven are not the only ones who have answered it. Obscure Powers beyond the many worlds of Galactic Humans are also interested in the singularity and will not stop until they control it. Thus, the seven must make a choice, a choice that will not only affect their evolutionary future but the destiny of Earth itself.

The Call of the Aïdin Planet
Book One of the Legacy Saga
By L. Z. Dáin

440 Pages
Science Fiction, Fantastic Realism, Action & Adventure, Alternative History
Cover by Alex Storer –
ISBN: 978-1-950978-01-4 (ePub edition)
ISBN: 978-1-950978-22-9 (paperback edition)
ISBN: 978-1-950978-21-2 (hardcover edition)

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