Tales of the Aïdin Horizon is a story universe inspired by the increasing possibility that we may live on other worlds, among other human and non-human civilizations. Would we bring our current Earth identity with us? Or, would we leave behind our preconceptions and established paradigms? Could we truly witness new worlds, and new peoples, with fresh eyes and an open mind? What’s our galactic neighborhood really like?

The Call of the Aïdin Planet
Book One of the Legacy Saga

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Nine-hundred thousand years ago, seven Galactic Humans discover a mysterious Time singularity on planet Earth. But, obscure Powers beyond the many worlds of the Galactic Union will not stop until they control it. Thus, the seven must make a choice, a choice that will not only affect their evolutionary future but the destiny of Earth itself.

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About The Legacy Saga Series

Planet Earth has followed an uncommon evolutionary path, but its inhabitants don’t suspect it, believing that theirs is a normal one. Many Galactic Humans and others in the Local Group of Galaxies are intrigued by it. Most respect the Earth, yet some fear Earth Humans. All agree that there is something unpredictable about the planet and its Humanity, and that they should be left alone. But the discovery of an enigmatic ‘technology’ left behind on Earth by an unknown civilization disturbs the existing state of affairs. Thus, the Galactic Union of worlds must protect Earth’s secrets until its people will be ready to claim their inheritance.

The Legacy Saga is a three book series beginning with The Call of the Aïdin Planet.

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