L. Z. Dáin

L.Z. Dáin has spent years exploring the truth behind the writings of scientists and philosophers down the ages, and discovered that our story as Humans is far more marvelous than the conventional views of it. His life has been a journey through Time along which he has questioned repeatedly his understanding of life. Are we truly children of the Earth, or are we star born? If we came from the stars, how do we return there? The answer he has found isn’t a truth but an ever expanding horizon.

The Tales of the Aïdin Horizon are about the untold story of Earth… about the unusual origin of our Humanity and the bonds that link us with many civilizations in the region of Space our scientists call “the Local Group of Galaxies”. Of course, he doesn’t consider the Tales as another truth. Using Science Fiction and Fantastic Realism, L. Z. Dáin writes these Tales for those who love the quest of broader horizons and galactic possibilities.

His journey hasn’t ended, and so the Tales of the Aïdin Horizon continue…

Author Statement:
There is always a thirst for new stories, different ones, stories of a positive future, not idealistic but realistic. The Universe isn’t our enemy; although many today tell us so, and stories of Earth’s future often speak about dystopias. We don’t consider it that way. We know the future is what we make of it, and we human beings are never short of the power to create our own future. For this reason, we decided to tell stories we believe are more accurate to what is out there in the Universe… stories of a more hopeful, though realistic future, since this hope already resides in most human hearts.