About the Publisher

Tales of the Horizon LLC is a Seattle, WA based company founded exclusively to distribute and promote the Tales of the Aïdin Horizon and their story-universe creative works. We publish optimistic SciFi stories with action and adventure. Our plan includes nine books, which form the core of the story telling project. We are also creating additional branch stories and derivative works that will supplement the main books.

We focus exclusively on publishing the Tales . As such, we’ve established specific criteria for our creative works. We generally publish optimistic stories with action and adventure. We refrain from including in our stories guns, scenes of cruelty, and mindless evil characters. The mission of our Company is to produce and share stories that speak of the Horizon that awaits us beyond the boundaries of our conventional thinking!

Generally, our audience is any science fiction fan who seeks intelligent stories of a more optimistic future. Our core audience are fans who look for an epic science fiction story filled with adventure, hope and optimism, and dramatic challenges too.

We have strived to go beyond stories that simply project our current Human situation on Earth into Space, or fast forward today’s circumstances into a dystopian future. Fans who like the optimism of Star Trek TNG, the epic intrigue of Dune, and the diverse races and beings of the Babylon 5 TV series will absolutely love the Tales of the Aïdin Horizon!

* * *

‘L. Z. DÁIN’ and ‘AÏDIN HORIZON’ are trademarks of Tales of the Horizon LLC, a media producing and publishing company.